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Let’s be honest, what’s the worst part about making dinner? Doing the dishes. From the top of the mountain of plates to the bottom of your pots, it’s a chore nobody loves.

But if there’s one thing worse than actually doing the dishes, it’s finding food scraps and grime caked onto your cutlery when you pull it out of the drawer. You need a sponge that spares you the elbow grease and quickly cuts through dirt and grime without scratching or damaging your plates, glassware and pans.

The best dish sponge tackles your toughest jobs and lets you breeze through your everyday kitchen cleaning routine. They’re easy to clean so you don’t wind up spreading around more bacteria than you’re removing, and they’re durable enough that you’re not constantly reaching for a new one.

The right cleaning supplies make your life so much easier! Stop stressing out over icky sponges and wearing yourself out using products that don’t get the job done. If you’re diving into your spring cleaning season, read our best dish sponge reviews and find out which cleaning products belong in your kitchen.

Top 10 Best Dish Sponges

The Top 10 Best Dish Washing Sponges in 2024

Key Features:

  • Antimicrobial protection that’s safe for most household surfaces
  • All-purpose and super-absorbent
  • Prohibits growth of bacteria and mold causing odors
  • Odor-free

Review: The Lysol Multi-Purpose Durable Scrub Sponge is our best multi-purpose sponge because it’s versatile, long-lasting, and most importantly, it stays fresh and clean for longer.

It’s your go-to tool in the kitchen and on cleaning day. Reach for it for countertops, dishes, the bathroom sink – you name it.

The crescent shape conforms to your grip and helps you get into those tight corners and stubborn spaces.

The foam scrubber keeps its shape over time and doesn’t crack. But the best thing the Lysol Scrub Sponge has going for it is how long it stays fresh. No more reaching for a gross, smelly sponge.


  • Antimicrobial protection keeps it fresh for longer
  • Safe on a variety of household surfaces
  • Non-scratch


  • Absorbs soap and doesn’t lather as well

Key Features:

  • Reusable and machine-washable and dryer-safe
  • Chemical-free
  • Tough material lasts longer than your average sponge

Review: These tough scouring pads are perfect for your tough jobs like scrubbing burnt or caked-on food at the bottom of pots and pans.

We love them because they cut down on all the kitchen clutter. The microfiber side has you covered for cleaning dishes and glassware, but flip it over to the scouring side and you can take on the toughest jobs waiting for you in the kitchen sink.

They’re also perfect for households that are conscientious about waste. If tossing worn-out sponges every week makes you cringe, you’ll love being able to toss these in the wash and using them again like they’re good as new.


  • Toss them in the laundry to reuse
  • Replace your scourer, dish cloth, and drying cloth with one sponge
  • Great for food build-up


  • Tends to collect scraps on the scouring side

Key Features:

  • Non-scratch cleaning
  • Perfect for delicate surfaces
  • Clean it in the dishwasher

Review: You don’t take your grease-scrubbers to your wine glasses, and that’s where the Scotch-Brite Delicate Care Sponges come in. Turn to these when you’re cleaning china, glassware, and your nice cutlery.

They’re not just for use after holiday dinners. They work perfectly well on countertops, showers and tubs, and non-stick cookware.

You can also quickly sanitize them in the dishwasher.

The main drawback is that they don’t have the toughness for taking on non-coated pots and pans. When you’ve got stubborn bits of food or stains, you’ll have to turn to something else.


  • Perfect for glassware and china with non-scratch qualities
  • Sanitize in the dishwasher


  • Not great for tough scrubbing or grease

Key Features:

  • Color code your cleaning supplies and avoid cross-contamination
  • FlexTexture foam alters sponge texture based on hot or cold water
  • Resist stains, mold, and odors

Review: Have you ever made the mistake of reaching for the sponge you just used on the bathroom to clean dishes and glassware? First of all, it’s gross. Second of all, if you’re lucky enough to catch it, you have to start all over again.

Keeping your cleaning supplies color-coded with a pack of multi-colored sponges means it’ll never happen again. Separate kitchen, bathroom, and garage or outdoor sponges.

They’re perfect for dishes and the way the texture changes with water temperature makes them great for multiple jobs. When you’re tackling the pots and pans, just turn the water to cold and the texture firms up for better scouring.


  • Organize your cleaning supplies according to color
  • Texture changes based on color temperature for different jobs
  • Stays fresh and clean


  • May fall apart sooner than you hope

Key Features:

  • Breaks up and lifts away dirt with its rippled scrubber
  • Tough scrubbing surface that won’t scratch
  • Features the only non-scratch scrub surface endorsed by Teflon

Review: Non-stick pans sure save you a lot of grief in the kitchen, but they have to be handled with care. Scratching a non-stick pan can release toxic compounds, flake into your food, and make it lose its non-stick quality.

The O-Cedar Multi-Use Scrunge Scrub is firm enough to get grime off your non-stick pans without causing any damage. It’s by far the best dish sponge for scrubbing non-stick products. If you find yourself constantly turning to your non-stick pans when you cook, the rippled scrub-side will be your new best friend.


  • Teflon-endorsed non-scratch scrubber
  • Just rinse to keep it smelling fresh
  • Extra absorbent and great for wiping off surfaces


  • Scrubber side may separate from sponge
  • Must rinse dye out thoroughly

Key Features:

  • Fading monogram shows you when it’s time to replace your sponge
  • Quick-drying prevents that wet, gross feeling
  • Holds 99% less microbes than other sponges

Review: The Skura Style Sponge is the choice for you if there’s nothing you hate more than reaching for a sponge and recoiling in horror when you realize it’s still full of old, dirty water and starting to smell. This is the best sponge that doesn’t smell, and when it’s time to replace it, the monogram on the scrubber fades.

This is pretty much the sponge you’ve been looking for if you can’t stand bits of food hanging out in your soap dish. In addition to an antibacterial agent that keeps it from smelling, the polyurethane foam dries quickly. No more squishy, smelly sponges!


  • Scrubber that won’t trap sticky food like eggs
  • Fading monogram tells you when to change it
  • Ick-free cleaning with 99% less bacteria


  • Higher price point than the competition

Key Features:

  • Supersoft ResoFoam
  • Bigger sponge cleans larger surface areas and holds more water
  • Generates 60% more soap suds

Review: The Scrub Daddy Sponge Daddy is the best kitchen sponge for general cleaning. Not only is it great for dishes, but it’s so absorbent. That makes it perfect for wiping down countertops, scrubbing out the fridge, and all kinds of cleaning jobs.

The extra size makes surface cleaning quicker and easier, while the Scrub Daddy FlexTexture adjusts the firmness depending on water temperature.


  • Better absorption
  • Use less soap when you clean with better suds generation


  • Doesn’t last as long as the competition

Key Features:

  • Economical
  • Sturdy scour pad
  • Durable material

Review: AIDEA offers one of the best kitchen sponges for all purposes. No frills, no fuss; this is your quintessential sponge.

The 24-pack is very economical, especially when you account for the generous size and durability of these basic sponges. It’s perfect for busy households and when you don’t want to constantly keep an eye on essentials. There’s also a 100% exchange guarantee.


  • Most economical option
  • 100% exchange guarantee if you want a refund


  • Comes vacuum-packed and sponges may seem thin on opening

Key Features:

  • Durable enough to use on metal, stainless steel, fabric, copper, glass, etc.
  • Multi-purpose scouring for kitchen, bathroom, oven, and fridge
  • Tough scouring

Review: The Scrub-It Multi-Purpose Scouring Pad has the toughness of steel wool but won’t ruin your dishes, pots, and pans. You can use these on your dishes while they still hold up when you use them to scrub the gunk out of your oven.

The unique mesh and design mean there’s no fabric to disintegrate and leave those little pieces of fuzz clinging to your forks. It also switches easily onto other surfaces like countertops and backsplashes.


  • Premium-grade non-scratch surface
  • Tougher than your standard scouring pad


  • A bit on the expensive side for how many you get

Key Features:

  • Great for all your cleaning needs, including outdoors, the garage, grout, cookware, and more
  • Easily rinses clean, won’t get food scraps stuck
  • Cuts through tough messes

Review: For the price point, this is one of the best dish washing sponges that you can also use anywhere inside or outside your home. It’s gentle enough for your dishes, glassware, and cookware but tough enough to use on tub tiles, grout, exterior windows, and more. You can even reuse it after a run through the dishwasher.


  • Works for outdoor use in addition to dishes
  • Scotch-Brite Scrub Dots gives it tougher scrubbing power
  • Great value


  • Poor soap suds generation

What Are the Most Important Features to Look for When Buying a Dish Sponge?

What Are the Most Important Features to Look for When Buying a Dish Sponge

What to Consider When Choosing a Pet Odor Eliminator

Multi-Purpose: The best kitchen sponge is one that does it all. It should be gentle enough to clean the wine glasses you only use with company and tough enough to scrub burnt food out of the bottom of your favorite pan.

Some sponges can be used for tougher cleaning jobs like the oven, but often there are better tools. For example, you can clean an oven quickly with a drill brush, while the job can be rough on your average sponge. 

Economy: At the end of the day, it’s a sponge! The price point is an important one. Eventually, you’ll have to replace them, sometimes sooner than later. It’s not worth breaking the bank on your cleaning equipment.

Durability: That said, cheaper isn’t always better. Durability is one of the most frequent topics in the best dish sponge reviews for a good reason. People want them to last longer than a week or a few tough jobs.

Stays Clean: A sponge that stays clean and doesn’t mold or start to smell is a must. Your kitchen sponge absorbs literal zillions of microbes, a handful of which can even be harmful. You need a sponge with antibacterial properties so that you’re not spreading around more dirt than you’re cleaning.

What Questions Should You Ask Before You Buy a Dish Sponge?

Frequently Asked Questions about Pet Odor Eliminators

One of the most common complaints people have about sponges is smells, mold, and stains. An odor is a good sign that your sponge has a build-up of bacterial microbes. In fact, the sponge is a microbial hot spot in your home. Most of the bacteria aren’t harmful, but because of the environment, it’s a breeding ground for detergent-resistant bacteria.

Throwing your sponge in the dishwasher kills 99.8% of bacteria and definitely resets the clock on how long you can use it. Soaking it in bleach and water will also work, but at the end of the day, the best way to make sure your sponge is clean is to replace it.

The answer changes based on the quality of your sponge, antibacterial qualities, and care and maintenance. As a general rule, you should clean or replace your sponge every one to two weeks to minimize concerns about bacteria.

The best dish washing sponge goes well beyond the dishes. You can use it to keep your fridge smelling fresh, clean outdoor glass patio furniture, use it on the windows, and take down mold and mildew in the bathtub or the shower. It should also be one of your cleaning products and tools for nurseries and other bedrooms around the house.

If bacteria is a major concern, a scrubber may be the better option. One of the reasons microbial growth is so high in sponges is that they often sit in a damp dish sponge holder all the time. You can prop up a scrubber to help it air-dry. In addition to plastic scrubbers, you can also check out the best silicone dish sponges.

In Conclusion: The Best Dish Sponge Reviews Of 2024

Nothing makes cleaning easier than a good clean sponge. The top qualities to look for are economy, versatility, durability, and toughness. It may not seem like much, but you need a top-quality sponge to make sure your dishes, glasses, and cutlery are free of harmful bacteria and absolutely spotless. You don’t have to dread doing the dishes!

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