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Dr Infrared Portable Space Heater for large room

You can not go wrong with this space heater for large areas. Can heat up a large room with Auto Energy Saving Model With High and Low Feature. Tip-over protection and Overheat protection.

  • This space heater also works as an air humidifier so you can avoid dryness in the winter.
  • IR Remote Control, High Pressure super quiet Low Noise Blower VIEW PRICE

DeLonghi TCH7915ER DeLonghi Safe Heat Tower Ceramic Heater with Silent System

Safe Heat 1500-watt digital ceramic tower heater for instant focused personal heat in small to medium rooms.Silent System that reduces noise by half vs. earlier De’Longhi models.


 Lasko 755320 Ceramic Tower Heater

Lasko 755320 Ceramic Tower Heater

1st. in Quality/Price – Best Seller in Lasko 755320 Ceramic Tower Heater with Digital Display and Remote Control. 


Whenever fall and winter are nearly approaching, you may realize that your whole-house heater is not enough. You might want to get space heaters for that large room at home, since space heaters are inexpensive and there is no need to install them permanently.

Although space heaters are usually ideal for small rooms, there are also ways to use it for your large rooms. These machines are generally not designed to be a primary source of heat (especially in colder areas), but rather to supplement an existing heating scheme. Furthermore, it is important to choose the ideal type of space heater for your large room. Keep reading and we’ll show you the right for you.

Space heaters usually use convection or radiant heat to warm the air around them. They are powered either by electricity or gas. Many heaters come with features like adjustable thermostats and timers to allow an area to be heated as efficiently as possible. A space heater is a device that can be used to heat small areas. These machines are generally not designed to be a primary source of heat (especially in colder areas), but rather to supplement an existing heating scheme.

Before we can recommend the best space heater for large rooms, let’s first identify how these space heaters are classified according to their size and shape.

Top 3 Best Rated Space Heaters for Large Rooms:

Space Heater for large rooms Dr Heater

Dr Infrared

Space heater for a big room Air Choice

Air Choice

best heater for a large room



These are the Top 5 Best Space Heaters for Large Rooms Best Sellers at Amazon:

Best space heater for large rooms

Types of Space Heaters Available

There are two methods in which space heaters warm the air:

  • Convection Space Heaters: This type of space heater uses a heating element that warms the air or heats oil. A fan may be used to move this heated air into the room. The heater may also oscillate to spread the heated air around. Oil based convection heaters take a while to heat up, but their surface temperatures stay much lower than heaters that warm the air.
  • Radiative Heaters: Radiative heaters operate like a halogen light bulb but give off heat in the infrared spectrum. This means that instead of heating the air in a room, it is able to heat the objects around it. These heaters are very efficient since they heat objects directly but often they do not look as attractive as convection heaters.

There are two ways of powering a space heater

  • Electric Space Heaters: There are a wide array of electrically powered space heaters available. You can also include the electric fireplace heater in this category. These machines simply plug into any standard electrical outlet making them ideal to use in the home. These heaters come in a number of sizes, styles and output levels.
  • Gas Heaters: These heaters are powered by gas, usually propane or butane. Because this type of power produces carbon dioxide, it can be dangerous to use these heaters in poorly ventilated areas. Instead, they’re best used outside in work areas or on back porches. In this environment, they are superior to electric variants since you can move them from place to place easily. They also give off more heat.

Space heater for large room

Factors to Consider When Deciding to Purchase the Best Space Heater for Large Rooms

  • Physical Size: There’s a huge range of space heater sizes available. Depending on the dimensions of the room or area you’re planning to use it in, a smaller heater could be the smart choice.
  • Ease of Setup: Electric heaters generally come ready to use out of the package (or at least require minimum effort to set up), but gas heaters often demand the purchase of additional fixtures to make them work.
  • Ability to be Mounted: Some heaters come with fixtures that let you mount them on the wall or ceiling, something that can be highly useful in small spaces.
  • Temperature Controls: A huge spectrum of control levels can be found in different space heaters. Determine whether you just want low and high comfort settings or are interested in more specific degree levels.
  • Thermostat: Some heaters include a built-in thermostat that will keep track of the temperature in the room and adjust its output levels accordingly.
  • Safety Features: Safety features like an automatic shut-off if the machine gets tipped over or overheating prevention are important for stress-free use.
  • Heat Level of Casing: Sometimes the outer casing of a heater can get very hot to the touch while it is in use. If you have pets or small children it is important to know which models this is a problem with before making a purchase.
  • Timer: If you often forget to turn off appliances when you’re done, find a heater with a built-in timer that will turn the machine off for you in case you forget.
  • Noise Level: If you are sensitive to noise, try to find a heater that doesn’t have a fan. Radiative heaters often run this way and are much quieter for it.
  • Remote Control: Some models include a remote control that allows you to adjust temperature settings from across the room. On a chilly night, while you are ​resting your back on your recliner chair, this can be especially convenient.
  • Aesthetics: There is a huge range of choice available in the shape and color of space heaters. Propane burning devices are generally less attractive than their electric cousins. Tower shaped heaters are popular, and you’ll also find some that look like fire places or old-fashioned radiators.

Popular Brands of Space Heaters

  • Lasko: Lasko is a huge name in the world of space heaters. Among their selection, you’ll find a huge variety of shape, styles, power levels and prices. Many of their machines have extra features like oscillation and digital thermostat displays. They’re a standard in the industry and a good place to start when shopping.
  • DeLonghi: This is another popular name in space heaters. DeLonghi offers a different selection than Lasko. They specialize in oil-filled heaters. These heaters are sealed which means you don’t have to worry about changing the oil. They usually keep a cooler surface temperature than other electric heaters. You’ll find some interesting casings here including a selection that harkens back to classic radiator designs.
  • Dimplex: Dimplex caters to two different audiences. They have a great line of utilitarian fan-blown wall and workshop heaters. They’re subtle but powerful and blend into almost any area. On the other hand, if you’re looking for something that will stand out, they also have a number of fireplace recreations. These models include fire effects that will make you think you’re sitting in front of a roaring fireplace.
  • Heater: This line of gas powered heaters are designed to be used outside the home. Their heaters put out much more power than the average electric heater but they also pose a risk for anyone using them in an enclosed space. If you’re looking to heat a work area or a back porch, you’ll likely find a model that works for you here.

Whether you live in a warm or cold climate, space heaters are a great way to heat the large rooms in your home. If you need only occasional heat they can be your sole heating device. They’re also an efficient way to supplement a furnace or other heating scheme. The huge range of sizes, styles, and power levels ensures that there’s a perfect hearer for any situation. They’re a great tool to have on hand to make certain you and your family are able to stay warm and comfortable in any conditions.

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Top 5 Best Space Heaters Reviews



My house is pretty old and can get a bit nippy in the winter. In order to save on oil costs, I called in the Lasko 758000 as reinforcement. (Take a look of the new model: Lasko 6462 Full Circle Ceramic Heater with Remote.

There are a few things I really like about this heater…

First off, it’s very tall and slender which makes it easy to store up against a wall.


The electronic controls are easy to use, and the adjustable thermostat works like a charm.

There’s a seven-hour timer included, as well as two heat settings. When I don’t feel like controlling the settings myself, I can just let the thermostat controlled setting take over.

The ceramic element is self-regulating so I don’t have to worry about it overheating. It’s easy to adjust the direction of air flow, so wherever I need the heat I can get it.

On top of all that it even looks nice in the house!

I wouldn’t recommend this as a sole source of heat unless you live in an area that’s pretty warm all year round, but it’s a great choice as a supplement.


  • Thermostat: I’ve been really impressed with the built-in thermostat on this machine. The display is large and easy to read and it responds very well to the temperature in the room. My wife and I keep it in our bedroom at night and set it to 64 degrees. We’ve never woken up freezing cold so it’s pretty obvious that it works!
  • Heat Settings: I like the options included for heat settings. If I’m not feeling too picky, I can set it to low or high and turn it off or down once I hit the heat I want. If I’m looking for something a little more accurate, though, the thermostat controlled setting is extremely accurate. Once it hits the temperature I’m looking for it shuts itself off then turns back on once things cool down.
  • Adjustable Air Flow: This is nice, especially if I have it set up next to the couch. There’s a louver on the top front grill that I can change to switch the direction of the air flow. All I have to do is flip the switch and I can have air blowing directly to where I want it to.
  • Saves on Space: My house is not large, so I like to take advantage of anything that will save me a bit of space. The Lasko 758000 is a perfect example of this. It’s tall and lean, taking up the absolute minimum amount of floor space. It will fit up against the wall without a problem and seems to naturally blend in with the room. Once it’s been on for a while I don’t even notice it’s there!


  • Can’t Direct Airflow Down: The louver is great for directing air up and out but, due to its location, there’s no way to direct air down. Because of this, it can get a little bit chilly at floor level; especially if you have a very large room. This hasn’t been a huge issue for my family (we all wear slippers when we’re inside) but it would be something nice to have.
  • Can Be a Little Noisy: When it’s on the high setting this heater does make a bit of noise. It’s not something that will interrupt your daily life, but if you’re sensitive to that sort of thing it might take you a little while to get used to it.

It’s always nice to have a number of heating options when things get colder. The Lasko 758000 Cyclonic Ceramic Heater has been a welcome addition to our heating family.

The thermostat controls are absolutely fantastic, it’s designed to be easy to keep against a wall and the adjustable air flow is a nice touch. It worked hard to help keep us warm last winter, and I’m looking forward to calling it again once the temperature starts to go back down!


Best Portable Large Room Heater

With gas prices being what they are, I decided to get a bit creative with heating my house this winter. I’ve used space heaters often at work (I’m a home improvement consultant), so I was confident that the Mr. Heater MH18B Portable would do a good job of keeping that large room warm.


First off, this machine has a low, medium and high control knob so it’s easy to get constant heat. The knob is large, which makes it easy to use in workspaces where you might have gloves on your hands. I’m comfortable using it indoors because of its low oxygen shut-off system and the key shaped rear mounting holes make it easy to keep on the wall. The blower fan runs on A/C or battery power, which is great (especially if the power goes out). This thing can blast out 18,000 BTUs so I’ve never had a problem getting my house nice and toasty in a short amount of time. I’m really loving this as a supplement to my furnace!


  • Temperature Controls: There are three temperature controls built into this machine (low, medium, and high) and they work very well. If I’m just getting home I can put it on high then switch it down to low once things have warmed up a bit. If it’s an especially cold day, I’ll keep it on medium. Whatever the atmosphere, I can keep my house warm in an efficient way.
  • Easy to Mount: The machine isn’t too big, and the key shaped holes on the back make it easy to mount. This keeps it up out of the way plus it keeps the floor from getting warm underneath it when it’s on high.
  • Power Options: I can choose to power the blower fan on A/C or battery power. I usually keep it on A/C but there have been times when the power has gone out and I’ve used batteries. Even though I have a generator, it’s nice to have a source of heat that will work without needing electricity.
  • Low Oxygen Shut-Off: I’m usually wary of using propane heaters inside, but the MH18B is built with a low oxygen shut-off system. If a room doesn’t have proper ventilation, the heater will shut itself off before any harm is done.


  • Floor Gets Hot: The first few days I used this heater, I kept it on the floor. When it was on the highest setting the floor beneath it did get quite warm. However, hanging it on the wall is really easy to do and, once I had it mounted, I had no more problems.
  • No Thermometer: One thing I would have liked to see in this machine is a built-in thermometer. It would be a nice convenience but on the other hand, it’s not that difficult to get up and turn the machine down when the house reaches the temperature I want it to be!
Mr. Heater has quite a few portable heaters on the market. Using this one reminded me of a model that I use at work sometimes – the Mr. Heater Double Tank-Top Propane Heater. There are a lot of similarities between the two, but the biggest difference is that the MH18B is fine for inside use. I’d never use the Tank-Top Propane Heater in the home. First of all, it doesn’t look very nice, and secondly, it doesn’t have a mechanism that shuts it off if the oxygen gets low. It works well in a garage or work area, but at home, I prefer the MH18B. Using the Mr. Heater MH18B Portable Heater in tandem with other heat sources has saved me some money over the winter. Its three temperature settings and low oxygen shut-off system make it safe and easy to use in the home. It’s seen me through some very cold power outages and I’m looking forward to seeing if it holds up as well next winter. I’m betting it will!

3. Sengoku CV-2230 KeroHeat Convection Portable Kerosene Heater Review

Sengoku CV-2230 KeroHeat Convection Portable Kerosene Heater

I live in a really remote area and the electricity isn’t as reliable as I’d like it to be. This can get a little tricky in the winter, so I decided to buy the Sengoku CV-2230 to use in emergencies. I’ve used it a few times this past winter and can this thing put out heat! It keeps my kitchen and living room nice and toasty no matter how bitter it is outside.


The tank holds 1.9 gallons of kerosene which are enough to keep it running from ten to twelve hours. There’s an automatic push-button ignition that makes starting it up a cinch. The base is stable, which is a blessing if you have curious animals like I do. An automatic safety shut off is an included safety feature that makes me comfortable using it in the home. All in all, it’s a safe and economical machine that’s gotten me out of several chilly, electricity free nights.


  • Lots of Heat: This heater is advertised as putting out 23,000 BTUs and I completely believe it. It’ll cover a large area (up to 1,000 square feet) and it’s really nice and cozy if you’re close to it. My dogs love basking next to it and heating up their fur. It’s a great way to supplement an existing scheme as well as a sound emergency choice.
  • No Electricity: The availability of electricity is not an issue for this machine. Like I’ve said, this makes it great for emergencies but I’d imagine it’d also work well on a deck or in a cabin. Batteries for the ignition are included when you buy it.
  • Stable Base: One of my bigger concerns about introducing a kerosene heater to the house was the danger of it tipping over. I shouldn’t have worried, though, because the base of this machine is extremely stable. I’ve never had a problem with tipping or falling.
  • Automatic Shut-Off: Oxygen levels were my other major concern when I was considering buying this machine. Ventilation is a must when it comes to kerosene heaters so I was a little worried about introducing one to my house. The CV-2230 has that area covered, though, with an automatic shut-off that kicks in if the oxygen levels in the area get dangerously low.


  • Flimsy Handle: The heater comes with a built-in handle to make moving it around a bit easier but I’m not impressed with how sturdy it is. I’m not confident that it would hold up if I used it to move the heater with a full tank. It’s totally possible to move it in ways that don’t need the handle, though, so overall it’s not that big a problem.
  • Smell: There is a small but noticeable odor present sometimes when I use this machine. It was much more of an issue when we first got it (although I did run it outside for a while before bringing it into the house). After a while, we stopped noticing it and now it’s not a problem at all. Having a heater like the Sengoku CV 2230 on hand for emergencies is a sensible option. It heats up the large rooms in the house really well, is safe to use inside, and I don’t have any worries about it tipping over.
I’m thinking of using it a bit more next year to supplement my furnace (I might even save a buck or two that way). If you’re looking for emergency heat, a space heater for a barn or garage or even just something to give your house an extra burst of warmth, I’d definitely recommend this machine.

2. DeLonghi TRD40615E Space Heater for Large Room Safe Heat Oil-Filled Radiator Review

DeLonghi TRD40615E Space Heater for Large Room Safe Heat Oil-Filled Radiator Review

Older houses may have a lot of character but they don’t necessarily stay as warm as I’d like. This winter I decided to fix that problem by adding an Oil Filled Heater Delonghi TRD40615E to my heating mix.

Now that winter’s over I have to say I’m pleased with the changes it has made in my comfort level and in my wallet.


This heater has three power settings (low, medium, and high). There’s also a 24 hour programmable timer that gives me an enormous amount of flexibility in creating heating schemes.

The heating elements are covered for maximum safety. An automatic shut-off kicks in if the heater begins to overheat or gets knocked over. The entire device is covered in rustproof metal and the oil inside is permanently sealed.

While it’s not a small machine, four wheels make transportation reasonably easy.

There’s a lot to like about this radiator, and I’ve been very pleased with its performance over the last winter and that’s why I’m recommending it as one of the best space heaters for large rooms.


  • Three Power Settings: There are three power settings included that I can choose from. The low and medium settings are both very energy efficient (the low works at 600 watts and the medium at 900). If I really want to heat up a room in a hurry the 1500 watt high setting works like a charm. I’ve been very impressed with the range of situations that can be covered with just three different settings.
  • 24 Hour Timer: This feature really wows me. The timer breaks 24 hours down into small segments. In each segment, I can decide how I want the radiator to be running. For example, I can program it to shut off halfway through the evening so we’re not wasting power while we sleep and then start up an hour before we wake up so we have a nice warm house while we’re awake. It’s incredibly useful and, for me, was worth the price of the radiator alone.
  • Safety Features: This machine is very well designed from a safety standpoint. The outside stays very cool to the touch because the heat comes out the top. I can brush against the outside and not get burned at all. The automatic shut-off if it overheats or gets tipped over is another nice safety touch.
  • Portable: My one hesitation about getting this heater was its size. There are several places in our house where a heater would be useful so, to begin with I plan on buying one heater and moving it around to see how it worked in each place. Despite the TRD40615E’s large size, the wheels actually make it very easy to move.


  • A Little Noisy: This machine certainly isn’t loud but throughout the day you will notice it making tiny some clicks and clacks. My guess is they’re from the timer function. I really don’t think it’s anything that would severely interrupt anyone’s day but if you’re sensitive to noise it might be something you want to keep in mind.
  • Odor: When we first started using this radiator we did notice just a bit of an oily smell. We were expecting that, though, so it didn’t surprise us. After a few uses the smell began to go away, and now we don’t notice it at all.

Using the TRD40615E brings to mind another Delonghi radiator that we’re familiar with, the DeLonghi EW7707CB.

Both radiators look similar and are oil based but there are some subtle differences when it comes to use.

The biggest one that I’ve seen is the Comfor Temp versus the 24 hour timer. Both features are very useful – the ComforTemp allows you to heat your home in a very energy efficient way – but I think I’d rather have the ability to set up a heating scheme for a full 24 hours.

The Delonghi TRD40615E has done a lot to keep my house happy and comfortable throughout the winter. It’s a user-friendly machine that puts out a lot of heat with some great safety features. I absolutely love the 24 hour timer and having some more energy-efficient options is also a huge plus.

If you want something safe and effective, you’ll be very pleased with this heater.

1. Dr Infrared Heater Portable Space Heater,
1500-Watt Review

Dr Infrared Heater DR998, 1500W, Advanced Dual Heating System with Humidifier and Oscillation Fan and Remote Control

After many hours of Space Heaters reviews, our top choice for a space heater for a large room is the Dr Infrared Heater Portable Space Heater,1500-Watt

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