Venta LW45 Airwasher 2-in-1 Humidifier & Air Purifier Review

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When you suffer from symptoms like headaches, sinus congestion, dry skin, and chapped skin caused by dry indoor air, getting a humidifier is a great solution. The only better solution perhaps is getting a 2-in-1 humidifier and air purifier that both humidifies and cleans the air. The Venta LW45 Airwasher 2-in-1 Humidifier and Air Purifier is exactly that – an all-in-one unit that improves indoor air quality by both humidifying and cleaning the air in your home or office.

Unlike traditional humidifiers, this 2-in-1 air washer traps airborne particles so only clean air exits the unit. The result is less pollen, dust mites, pet dander, and bacteria in the air. This is great news for allergy sufferers, but the benefits of the Venta LW45 Airwasher don’t stop there.

Read our Venta LW45 Airwasher 2-in-1 Humidifier and Air Purifier Review to learn more about its features and why its a useful household gadget for musicians, college students and anyone living or working in a large open room. We also share some cautions for your consideration, but overall, we think you’ll be as impressed as we are with the Venta LW45.

Amazon Rating: 4.1 / 5


  • Energy efficient, filter-free operation
  • Produces no ions, ozone, or white dust
  • Three fan speeds
  • 3-gallon water reservoir
  • Hygienic and easy-to-use
  • High-end German engineering
  • Prevents over-humidification
  • 10-Year Warranty

Best Suited For:

  • Living rooms, bedrooms and dorm rooms up to 800 square feet
  • Offices and open concept spaces
  • Music rooms
  • Allergy sufferers

Venta LW45 Airwasher 2-in-1 Humidifier and Air Purifier (Full) Review

There’s a lot to like about the Venta 2-in-1 humidifier and air purifier, but at the same time, there’s a simplicity about it. While it boasts great air cleaning features, it’s also low maintenance and easy to use. Anyone interested in preserving the quality of their wood furniture, leather or musical instruments, and anyone interested in ridding themselves of itchy eyes, headaches and congestion should read on to see how the Venta LW45 stacks up.

No filters, no problemsIf you’ve ever had to deal with cleaning and changing filters in the past, then “filter-free’ might sound like music to your ears. Neither the humidifying nor purifying functions of the Venta LW45 Airwasher operate using a filter. Not only does this make using the unit,easier and more economical, it is also more hygienic. So, if there are no filters, how does it work, you may be wondering.

Natural evaporation processVenta 2-in-1 humidifiers and air purifiers use a natural humidification process called cold evaporation technology.Once the water tank is filled and the unit operational, disc stacks within the unit rotate in the water, creating a 45 square foot surface area. When dry air meets that surface area, the water evaporates and is sent out into your bedroom, living room, dorm or office.The same natural process that humidifies the air also cleans it. When air is pulled into the Airwasher unit, it passes over two rotating, moistened disc stacks. Airborne particles adhere to the disc stacks, and fall into the basin where they remain. Only clean moisturized air exits the unit, while particles such as dust, bacteria, and pollen do not.. A second benefit of the cold evaporation technology is that no ions, ozone or white dust are produced so you avoid the white sediments that often appear on floors and furniture with the use of other units. Also, the airwasher does not emit any mist or vapors either.

Easy to useHousehold appliances and home gadgets that offer quality performance and are easy to use are always top of our list. The Venta humidifier and air purifier boasts German engineering, but you don’t need an engineering degree to work it! Follow the manufacturer’s assembly instructions and your Airwasher will be ready to use in five minutes. Fill the water reservoir, choose a speed setting, and start breathing better quality air that has more humidity and less irritating pollutants. The following features make this LW45 model particularly user friendly.

  • Fan settings: You may want minimal or maximum power depending on the size of your room, how dry the air is and your personal preference. The Venta LW45 has three fan settings to choose from, each producing a different level of moisture. Note that on the most powerful setting, the water reservoir will empty more quickly and the noise level will increase compared to operation at the lowest setting.
  • 3-gallon reservoir: Having to fill and refill appliances frequently can be a turn off. Especially if refilling is required to operate throughout the night and disturbs your sleep. With a large capacity reservoir that holds up to three gallons of water, you can use your airwasher over several hours and even days before needing to refill it.
  • Automatic shut-off: No need to worry if your Airwasher runs out of water overnight, while you’re away from home or while you’re out of the office. An indicator goes on and the motor shuts off automatically when there’s not enough water left in the housing. So while you’re unit won’t humidify or purify the air once all the water evaporates, it also won’t be a safety hazard.
  • Low maintenance: Because of the filter-free design, there are no filters to clean or replace. And the cleaning required to keep your unit operating well is very minimal. Simply wipe the lower housing with a damp cloth every two weeks. The disc stack should also be rinsed or wiped with a sponge. The Venta water treatment additive is also helpful in keeping the unit clean and hygienic as it prevents mineral deposits from hardening and prevents odors from developing.

Great for large roomsThe Venta LW45 Airwasher 2-in-1 humidifier and air purifier is designed for large open rooms of approximately 800 square feet. It works well for bedrooms, living rooms, dormitories and offices of this size. There are also smaller units designed for 200- and 400- square feet if your space isn’t quite as big.Because the unit operates quietly, especially on the lowest fan setting which only produces 24dB of noise, the LW45 is very suitable for bedrooms and night use without disrupting sleep. Achieving the ideal humidity of 30-50% makes the air moist enough for easy breathing, but dry enough to not feel oppressive, for better sleep. [1]Similarly, the LW45 is great for dorm rooms and offices where studying and work be disrupted by loud operation. In fact, one of the benefits of the humidifier and purifier is helping improve concentration.If your large room contains some of your most valuable possessions, like expensive furniture and musical instruments, you’ll be happy to know that adding moisture to dry air helps preserve wood, leather, furniture and musical instruments.

Why we like it

We like that the Venta LW45 Airwasher offers big benefits but is simple to use. Anyone looking for relief from cold or allergy symptoms will appreciate the efficiency and results of this 2-in-1 unit. If you’re comparing with other air purifiers, this unit removes dust, pollen, pet dander, and other airborne pollutants down to 0.3 microns in size. In addition to everything else, it is lightweight at only 13lbs and the black colour fits well with the modern decor of living rooms and office spaces.


Caution may need to be used if moving the unit from one room to another with water in it. While the unit itself if rather lightweight, some users may find it cumbersome when filled. Venta makes a wheel cart (sold separately) that can be helpful for carrying it around.You should also not be alarmed if when you first use the unit, full humidity is not reached. It can take time to reach full efficiency. Also, in extremely dry conditions, you may notice the water evaporates more quickly and/or a lower humidity level will be reached the first few days of usse.The only significant drawback to the LW45 may be the price. For many the value and benefits will justify the price and the 10-year warranty will provide added assurance when purchasing.

Learn More About Humidifying Your Home or Office

As you introduce a humidifier into your home or office, it helps to be aware of factors that will affect the humidity of the room. Room size, room layout, air circulation and insulation can all matter as well as the contents of the room. Dry furnishings like leather sofas and books take longer to absorb moisture. As a result, living rooms, dens and offices filled with these objects will take longer to reach ideal humidity. In addition, very dry rooms may require up to a week of continuous use to reach a satisfactory level of 30-50% relative humidity.

Learn More About Indoor Air Quality

Poor quality air in your home or office can have both immediate and long term effects. It can also stem for different causes. An air purifier is a good practical solution for improving air quality but understanding and controlling pollutants is also important, per the Environmental Protection Agency. [2]


[1] How To Control Humidity In Your Bedroom ([2] Introduction to Indoor Air Quality (

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