How to Clean Your Floors With Vacuum Cleaners

Updated on April 6, 2020 by Joseph D. Nielson

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How to clean the floors
The primary reason that most people invest in vacuum cleaners is evidently to get their floors clean.

As simple as it looks, it’s easy to forget to clean the most crucial places within the house. All the nooks and crannies need attention just like the rest of your floor.

When dirt and dust accumulate here, you are likely to start experiencing infections and other kinds of allergies. You will also have a dirty home!

The following tips will help a great deal when it comes to cleaning floors with vacuum cleaners.

These hints focus on ensuring your floors are clean and hygienic, whether you have a hardwood floor or carpets.

Vacuum As Frequently As Possible

Vacuuming your floors does not get rid of dirt permanently. To ensure your floors remain clean, you need a sensible cleaning schedule. Regularly vacuuming the floors ensures that little dirt accumulates hence reducing the amount of work to be done when you next clean. You need to make sure you stick to your vacuuming schedule. Little and often is the best method.

Vacuum Rugs Thoroughly

Rugs and carpets should always be given special attention when vacuuming the floors. This is due to the fact that their fibers hold on to more dirt than bare floors while they are still delicate. To prevent the edges of your carpet from fraying, you need to vacuum your carpets from the center towards its perimeter.

To help loosen the dirt, you could occasionally take the carpets or area rugs outside and beat them using a broom.

With reversible rugs, vacuum both sides and also underneath them. This will get rid of any dirt that may have been held in by their fibers or hidden below them.

Spot Clean For Effective Stain Removal

Stains are a real nuisance, especially when they occur on brightly colored floors. Getting rid of them once they are spotted is the most effective way to fight them. Spot cleaning is definitely the first course of actions for all stains before you think of picking up your vacuum cleaner. You can blot spills using a clean towel or a paper towel. For stubborn stains, a carpet stain remover can be purchased and used to spot clean the affected areas. These can be bought from most household supply stores.

Never Vacuum With A Full Dirt Bag Or Canister

Many homeowners overlook this, either because they are tired of emptying or are trying to save on buying a new dirt bag. Unfortunately, this may significantly reduce the suction power and can lead to dirt deposits on your floors. You need to keep checking the dirt bag or canister as it refills. When it’s 2/3 full, you should empty or replace it. An empty dirt bag or canister leads to better suction and faster, more effective cleaning.

Remove Small Objects Before Vacuuming

Small objects such as toy parts, screws and coins can be fatal to your vacuum. Common sense dictates that such objects, especially sharp and hard ones such as pieces of glass, should be handpicked or swept from your floors before vacuuming. This helps prevent damage to the interior parts of your vacuum cleaner and clogging of the nozzles and air paths. It also stops you from spending so much money on repairs or even a replacement vacuum.

Vacuum The Floors Last

Your floors get the biggest share of household dirt. If you are planning to clean the whole house, you need to get rid of dirt from all the other areas above the floors. When all the dirt has dropped on the floors, then you should vacuum. This way, you do not risk dirt from the ceiling, drapes, furniture and higher areas from dropping onto an already clean floor.

Move Your Furniture Occasionally

Heavy and large pieces of furniture such as couches and beds may not be convenient to move around every time you vacuum your floors. But, once in a while, you need to move them from their original position and vacuum underneath. In time, lots of dirt will accumulate. Take action.

Use The Right Attachment And Settings

Most vacuum cleaners come with extra attachments for more effective cleaning of tight areas. You need to pick the correct attachment tool for the job. Choose the upholstery tool for upholstered furniture, drapes and soft surfaces. The carpet tool is self-explanatory while the crevice tool is ideal for any tight spaces.

Selecting the correct suction setting is also important. For carpets, you can turn on the brush roll while for hardwood, slate, concrete, tiled and laminate floors, the brush roll should be turned off. Other settings such as speed, suction power and other special features should be used depending on the nature of the surface being cleaned and the amount of dirt among other factors.

Pass Your Vacuum Over The Same Area Multiple Times

This is especially critical for pet fur messes. Passing the vacuum over a section of your floor only gets rid of the loose dirt. To vacuum all the dirt from the floor, you should move your vacuum back and forth multiple times over that same spot. You can also go over the surfaces from varied directions for maximum effect.

Change The Filters Frequently

Vacuum cleaner filters are responsible for sieving dirt from the air that gets into the vacuum cleaner. Frequently changing them ensures that air flow is enhanced for optimal suction power. Dirty vacuum filters may end up clogging the air paths and the dirt can find its way back onto the floors. Be sure to regularly check on the condition of your filters. The rinsable ones can be washed, dried completely and returned. Non-washable filters simply need to be replaced. This should be done often.


The best way to keep your floors clean and your vacuuming job easier and quicker is by ensuring as little dirt as possible gets into your house. Using doormats at the entrances, getting people to get their shoes off and regularly cleaning high traffic areas are some of the most effective ways to ensure your house remains spotless and hygienic.

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