Does an Air Purifier Help with Mold?

Updated on July 11, 2022 by Joseph D. Nielson

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People are more concerned than ever about the quality of the air we breathe for different reasons. Air pollution is at lethal levels of toxicity in many places around the world. The COVID-19 pandemic has put renewed focus on air filtration indoors in places where many people congregate, from grocery stores to school rooms. 

“The air we breathe” is often used as a metaphor to describe the importance of something required for life. Indeed, people are right to actively improve the air quality in their homes. Whether it’s to combat mold or simply to make the air you breathe healthier, air filters are a huge boon for the home.

Please read more to learn about how today’s modern air filters work. 

Reducing Mold Spores 

The leading air filters can remove mold spores from circulating in the air in your room, so you don’t breathe them in and develop medical problems. Spores are everywhere, floating in the air, inside and out. Spores are tiny, one-celled reproductive units capable of reproducing without sexual fusion.

Spores aren’t inherently bad or dangerous, but mold spores are. The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) found that people sensitive to mold can experience upper respiratory symptoms, increased asthma symptoms, and skin irritation when exposed to mold and mold spores. 

Mold spores develop in moist environments. Indoors, this often means around leaks in roofs, windows, pipes, or where there has been flooding. Mold can attach itself to clothing or enter the home via pets, and mold spores grow when they’re around excessive moisture.

Having an air cleaner and an air purifier is a great way to fight back by sucking up the moisture in the room and making it hard for the spores to replicate. Having an air purifier in spaces like basements, which are below-grade and therefore prone to moisture, will make the space feel less basement-y. 

You know that basement feeling you get, when the air around you feels cold and unpleasant once you step underground? Air filters help fix it, making the air feel as fresh as it would if you were on the second storey. Most people don’t think “mold spores” when they enter the damp, dank basement, but they’ll still feel their presence and will love a machine that helps them combat mold growth

HEPA Filters

Today’s air filters remove dust particles smaller than the ones of yesteryear. High-Efficiency Particulate Arrestance (HEPA) filters trap microns that used to escape even the best air filters from years ago.

The best HEPA Air Purifiers will leave the room you’re in feeling palpably fresher. It doesn’t matter if a particle is too small to see; if it can be breathed in, it needs to be eliminated. In fact, if anything, that it’s invisible makes it more dangerous!

Mold is a major problem because breathing in the spores can damage your lungs, but at least mold is often visible to the naked eye. Sometimes mold can hide behind walls or breed in out of the way places, but unlike tiny dust particles, it’s very easy to see it when face to face. 

HEPA standards need to cross a certain level of efficiency before getting that accreditation certified. 

How Do You Know How Clean the Air Is?

You can find out how clean the air is in cities because municipalities measure and track that sort of thing. How do you know how clean or dirty the air is in your home? You won’t, unless you track it yourself.

You can find the best air quality monitor for your home by browsing online and reading the reviews carefully. Ensuring that the air you breathe is healthy will make life more pleasant and healthier. Long-term exposure to bad air can cause accelerated aging of the lungs, loss of lung capacity and decreased lung function, asthma, bronchitis, emphysema, and shortened life span. 

Measuring the air quality in the room is the surest way to know that the air you’re breathing at home is safe and healthy. We’ve been spending a lot of time at home lately in a bid to improve our society’s collective health. 

It makes sense to spend prolonged periods indoors breathing air that’s healthy, so get the equipment to monitor your air quality too.

Two-in-One Machines

What if there was a way to have air that was clean and humid by only buying one machine? The air purifier humidifier combo can do just that, and there are tons of online reviews to help you find the best one. 

Look for a machine that works quietly while removing dust, pollen, pet dander, mold spores, dust mite feces, smoke particles, and more. Putting the right level of humidity back into the room helps cure various forms of irritation.

Dryness can cause chapped lips, sinuses, irritated vocal cords, dry coughs, nose irritation, bloody noses, and emphysema. Being in a dry home for a prolonged period can be uncomfortable and lead to bad health outcomes.

Plus, there’s advantage in using a machine that does both at once. Allergens and toxins may become trapped when a humidifier regulates the room’s humidity on its own, but machines with their own air purifiers don’t have this problem. Put an end to respiratory problems by removing the mold spores and other impurities while enjoying a room that isn’t too dry or humid. 

Heating the Room

Some of the best two-in-one machines include the Dyson Pure Hot + Cool HP04, which purifies the air and heats the room. Dyson is a top tier brand known for releasing game-changing versions of popular products from vacuums to hair dryers.

Their products don’t just look sleek and wonderful, they’re also known for better performance. If you want to warm up this winter in comfort and style, get the two-in-one heater and air purifier that meets your needs.

It’s impossible to overstate the importance of the air we breathe! Whether it’s keeping it free of airborne contaminants or excessive dryness, you want your home to be comfortable and promote good health. Keep the above tips in mind and look for the products you need to keep your home homey.

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