How To Create A Clean Spa-Like Bathroom

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The bathroom is a unique room in any home. While some may think of a bathroom as cold, sterile and primarily as being functional, a bathroom can in fact, be a very pleasantly warm and attractive room in the home.

There’s no need for your bathroom to resemble the office restroom, or to be a sloppy mess. With the right touches, your bathroom can look and function beautifully. Take it a couple of steps further and your bathroom can become your own home spa – a place for renewal and relaxation.

When you think about the grand luxurious travel spas, trendy hotel spas even or quaint spas closer to home, they all have three main things in common. They are:

  1. Immaculately clean
  2. Tastefully designed
  3. Relaxing to the senses.

It’s time to start spring cleaning to create a spa-like bathroom at home. To ensure your bathroom is sparkly clean and spa-perfect, you’ll want to: 

  1. Use the best tools, techniques and products for a sparkling clean bathroom
  2. Style your bathroom with attractive accessories and decor including natural materials and neutral colors
  3. Add scents, sounds, sights and textures to create an environment you find calming


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How to Make Your Bathroom Sparkle

It’s first on the list for a reason. One of the most distinct and important qualities we appreciate about spas is their cleanliness. Every floor, counter and fixture is immaculately clean. This is for sure the basis for a spa-inspired bathroom at home as well.


It’s definitely not spa-like to have dust, hair or water on your bathroom floors. Get and keep your bathroom floor in pristine condition by vacuuming, mopping, and dusting as often as needed. Vacuum first to remove dirt and debris from the floor then wet mop with a natural cleaning solution. Be sure to invest in the best vacuum and best duster for your home to ensure your floors are dust-free. You can also vacuum and mop at the same time with the best vacuum and mop combos on the market.

Tiles & Grout:

There’s nothing spa-like about dirt, grime or mildew stuck in the spaces between your bathroom tiles. Simple ingredients such as water, vinegar dish soap, baking soda and/or hydrogen peroxide can be used to create your own DIY bathroom cleaner that will remove grime and soap scum from bathroom tiles. A spray bottle and toothbrush will also be useful.

Sinks & Countertops:

Daily cleaning with a natural cleaning solution will keep your bathroom sink and toilet sparkling. Vinegar, water and a rag are enough to do the job.


This may be the ickiest part of the bathroom to clean but it’s also one of the most important. For a thorough clean inside the bowl, shut the valve off and flush the toilet to drain the bowl. Then add your cleaning solution directly to the bowl. You may opt to stick with a natural cleaning solution like baking soda and vinegar, or you may opt to go with a stronger homemade cleaner. Store bought cleaners are also fine for cleaning and disinfecting the toilet.

Any stains or particularly dirty spots inside the bowl can be cleaned with a toilet bowl brush or pumice stone on a rope.

You’ll need to clean the outside and back of the toilet too. And don’t forget under the rim. Your cleaner and towel paper work together to get the bowl shiny clean.

Using your DIY cleaning solutions not only simplifies your cleaning, it reduces waste and is thus kinder to the environment – something that’s important in both professional and home spas. [1]

It is possible to keep your bathroom looking and smelling fresh and clean, you just need to establish some good cleaning practices and it’ll start feeling like second nature.


We’re not sure how mirrors get so dirty but they do. A clean bathroom includes clean streak-free mirrors. Start by wiping dust away with a microfiber cloth. Then dip newspaper into a bowl of either equal parts vinegar and water, or into a homemade cleaning solution. Apply the crumbled newspaper to the mirror using small circles to avoid making streaks.

The Fan:

When cleaning you may be focused on the areas beneath you or at eye level but don’t forget about dirty areas above you and in hard-to-reach areas.  Your fan is exactly that kind of area that collects dust but sometimes gets forgotten at cleaning time. Remove the dust buildup on your fan using A vacuum attachment. You should also do a thorough cleaning of the exhaust vent and fan blades.

Equipped with a good cordless vacuum, you should be able to clean those hard-to-reach areas above eye level and keep all corners of your bathroom clean. 

picture of spa bathroom with solo bathtub and wooden walls

Spa-Inspired Bathroom Design Ideas

Once your bathroom is sparkling clean, it’s time to move on to the fun stuff. There’s so much you can do to create a spa-inspired look in your master bathroom or en suite. And great ideas for even a small apartment bathroom.[2]

Tub, Fixtures and Features:

If you’re moving into a new home, renovating or re-designing, you have the opportunity to include a bathtub, shower head, sink and faucets and more that reflect a distinctly home spa design.

With these specially chosen elements for your bathroom, you can enjoy long sudsy soaks in a spacious clawfoot or jacuzzi tub at the end of the day. Or start your morning with by rejuvenating under the gentle cascade of water that falls from a rain-style shower head. Sleek modern sink and faucet styles can also add spa qualities to your bathroom. And if you want to go all out, consider features like heated floors and bath towel warmers in your design for extra comfort and a little extravagance.


There is no clutter and nothing looks randomly placed in a spa. Mimic the look of spa shelves and counters by minimizing and organizing all your face and beauty stuff.

Items like Q-tips, cotton swabs, and make-up removal pads could be put in clear jars. Many other personal items can be stored out of sight in a medicine cabinet or shelf – especially those that you don’t use everyday.

Having liquid hand soap in a dispenser will look neater than bar soap in a dish. Wash clothes and towels can be folded and stacked or hung nicely from bars. All cleaning products should be out of site.

Colors & Materials:

The colors and materials that you choose in your home bathroom design will have a lot to do with the look and feel of the room. You’ve probably noticed that many spas use neutral colors and nature-inspired materials and textiles to create a relaxing environment.

For a relaxing spa effect, try selecting white and off-white tones as well aswarm woods. Woods that are considered warm have a red, orange or yellow base to them. These warm browns have an earthy look and help create a friendly, welcoming atmosphere.

Other colors to explore for a spa-inspired bathroom look include green which is refreshing and restorative, soft pinks which are soothing, and blues with enhance the feeling of serenity. These colors can be applied as paint colors or incorporated in accessories like towels, shower curtains and counter top items.

And anything the body comes in contact with such as towels and bathrobes should be soft to the touch to keep up the zen-like vibe.


When we walk into a spa and feel that sense of escape, it’s not just because of the colors and materials we see. All of our senses are stimulated including scent. Our olfactory system (our sense of smell) takes in the carefully selected aromas emitted from essential oils, candles, etc.

As with color, certain fragrances produce a calming effect on our bodies and minds. Continue to create a spa feel in your home bathroom by adding scents like lavender or lemon for stress or headache relief, mandarin or pine for more energizing, jasmine for upliftment, or vanilla or cinnamon which are both popular home fragrances. Calming scents can also be used as part of your evening bedtime routine to promote better sleep.[3]

Scents can be added via candles, essential oil diffusers, plug in air fresheners, bath products and textiles such as bath towels.


Spas provide an escape from the outside world in more ways than one. When we walk through the doors into a tranquil spa setting we often leave behind the loud sounds of the outside world. No emergency vehicle sirens, cars honking or ringtones blaring. Instead we’re often soothed by the sounds of nature or of gentle music of some sort.

You can do the same at home. Even if you don’t have a fancy speaker system, you can place a discreet Bluetooth speaker in the bathroom and listen to ocean and rainforest sounds or calming music while you unwind in the tub.

Personal Touches

There are a number of personal touches that can be added depending on your preferences. Retreating to your bathroom oasis may involve enjoying a glass of white wine and a go-to book. Or you may prefer bath salts and a pillow to rest your head. Others may like having plants and a magazine rack in the room.

However you define rest or rejuvenation, feel free to bring in elements that help you enjoy the physical and mental benefits of spa environments and practices.

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Be Kind to Yourself and the Earth

Creating a home spa is all about taking care of yourself. It’s about reserving  time and space to tend to your mind, body and soul in a tranquil environment. This kind of time also has a way of connecting us with nature. Those green, pink and blue tones on your bathroom walls or that you chose as accent colors may put you in mind of vast meadows, flower gardens or peaceful waters.

Spas often chose materials and products that reflect a respect for the very earth we are trying to draw closer to. You too, can consider being eco-friendly in your choice of any of these bathroom elements:

  • Cleaning solutions (no harmful chemicals)
  • Soaps and beauty products (non animal tested, recycled packaging)
  • Water (soft, purified)
  • Containers (glass, reusable)
  • Paper products (recycled, organic)
  • Towels and robes (cold washed without fabric softener)

As long as you keep the room clean, organized and stocked with your favorite indulgences, we’re sure you’ll continue to enjoy the relaxing benefits of your home spa for years to come.




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