How to Easily Remove Baby Poop from Clothes

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You’ve just finished changing your baby’s diaper when you notice a stain on their clothes. Don’t worry! Baby poop cleanup does not have to be a pain. You can easily remove stains and odors from clothing with the right steps and tools. 

Whether it’s a one-time occurrence or a recurring problem, knowing how to get baby poop out of clothes will help save you time and keep your baby’s wardrobe looking new, so let’s get started.

1. Gather Materials

Before you begin the task of cleaning up baby poop from garments, acquire all of the necessary items. This includes the following:

  • Detergent
  • Bucket
  • Towels
  • Other cleaning supplies

Gather these cleaning products ahead of time so that you don’t have to stop in the middle of the process to look for something.

2. Pre-treat the Stained Clothing

Once you’ve gathered all of your supplies, it’s time to pre-treat the soiled clothing. This procedure is critical because it helps remove any bacteria or germs that may be present on the cloth and reduces the amount of labor required for subsequent cleaning. 

Applying detergent directly to the stain and allowing it to sit for at least 30 minutes before proceeding with the next steps is the best way to do this. Also, use a scrub brush to carefully dislodge any dried-on gunk before rinsing with cool water.

3. Wash and Rinse

Then, depending on the type of fabric, place the soiled garment in a washing machine and load it with warm or hot water. To ensure optimal efficacy, use a detergent designed specifically for cleaning baby poop. 

Allow the garments to soak for at least 30 minutes after adding all of the necessary components before running a rinse cycle. This will aid in the removal of any residual detergent residue and increase overall cleanliness.

4. Multiply the Rinsing Cycle

When cleaning baby poop from garments, it is critical to multiply the rinsing cycle. This aids in the removal of all bacteria, germs, and other residue from the fabric. 

After completing a typical rinse cycle, repeat it at least twice more to ensure that no waste is left behind.

5. Dry and Check for Stains

The final step in cleaning baby poop out of garments is to dry them and inspect them for any lingering stains. If any stubborn stains remain, repeat steps 2-4 as necessary until they are eradicated. 

Additionally, before putting the item in the dryer, apply a stain remover or other specialised solution to tackle any problematic places.

6. Remove Set-In Stains

There are a few extra measures you can do if you have any set-in stains that don’t seem to be going out. You might try soaking the clothes in an enzyme detergent overnight and then washing them with ordinary soap the next day. 

You can also use specialized stain removers created specifically to remove difficult baby poop stains. Always follow the recommendations on the product’s label and try it on a tiny section of the cloth before applying it to the entire stain for the best results.

7. Dispose of Remaining Stain

It is critical to properly dispose of any remaining waste material after your garments have been washed, rinsed, and dried. Use a plastic bag or container for disposal to keep the trash confined and decrease the likelihood of it spreading around your baby’s room or home. 

Additionally, after touching filthy clothing, properly wash your hands to keep bacteria and other germs at away.

8. Clean Washing Machine

Finally, once all of the garments have been cleaned, it is essential to clean the washing machine. This will help to avoid future contamination and ensure that your following load of laundry is as clean and germ-free as the first. 

To accomplish this, run a regular cycle with hot water and detergent to eliminate any residue, and then clean down the inside of the machine with a cloth or sponge. In order to achieve the best results, you should always use a high-quality detergent designed specifically for washing machines.

Final Thoughts

To summarize, getting baby poop out of garments can be a daunting task, but it does not have to be. Begin by pre-treating the stain with detergent and hot water, followed by a typical cycle of washing. 

Always rinse several times to eliminate any leftover residue, and use a stain remover for stubborn set-in stains. Finally, for best results, properly dispose of the garbage and clean your washing machine afterwards. Following these measures will assist to keep your baby’s clothes clean and germ-free.


Q: Is it necessary to use a special detergent for cleaning baby poop?

A: Yes, it is important to use a detergent specifically formulated for cleaning baby poop in order to ensure maximum effectiveness. Regular detergents may not be strong enough to remove all bacteria and residue from the fabric.

Q: What should I do if there are set-in stains on my clothes?

A: For tough set-in stains, you can try soaking the clothing in an enzyme detergent overnight and then rewashing them with regular detergent. Additionally, you can use specialized stain removers specifically designed to tackle tough baby poop stains. For best results, always follow the instructions on the product’s label and test it on a small area of the fabric before applying to the entire stain.

Q: How do I properly dispose of baby poop after cleaning?

A: To ensure that all waste material is properly disposed of, use a plastic bag or container and make sure to wash your hands thoroughly afterward. Additionally, be sure to keep the mess contained in order to reduce the chances of contamination spreading around your home.

Q: Is it important to clean my washing machine after cleaning baby poop out of clothes?

A: Yes, it is very important to clean your washing machine after every load in order to prevent any further contamination from happening. For best results, run a regular cycle with hot water and detergent and wipe down the inside of the machine with a cloth or sponge. Additionally, you should always use a quality detergent specially formulated for washing machines in order to get optimal results.

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