What are the Most Important Features of Wet Vacuum Cleaners?

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Cleaning a house is a complex task, especially when using the wrong equipment.

Having a wet vacuum cleaner is great but only if it’s decent.

The quality of a wet vacuum cleaner is determined by a number of factors and finding the best can be a big struggle for a new buyer.


What are the most important features of wet vacuum cleaners that you should consider before investing in one?

Read on and find out!

10 Important Things Features Of Vacuum Cleaners

1. Suction Power

The suction power of a vacuum cleaner is determined by the power of the motor, the design of the vacuum and its filtration system together with the amount of pressure difference it can create between its interior and the atmosphere.

The higher the suction power, the more powerful the vacuum cleaner which also means more effective cleaning.

Choose one with adjustable suction to prevent damage to delicate surfaces during cleaning.

2. Filtration

When vacuuming your house, it is obvious that some of the dirt particles find their way into the atmosphere.

To help reduce this, the vacuum cleaner needs to have a good filtration system.

Over the years, vacuum cleaner manufacturers have come up with different systems including disposable filters, cyclonic separation system, washable filters, HEPA filters, water filters and odor filters.

While some vacuums may have just one of these, some come with multiple options hence better air filtration.

For those with allergies and asthma, HEPA filtration is the wisest choice.

3. Capacity

The capacity of the vacuum cleaner’s dirt bag or cup determines how many times it will need to be emptied or to have the bag replaced.

The capacity of the water tanks affects how frequently you will need to empty or refill it.

A larger capacity could mean a considerable amount of time saved during vacuuming and washing.

The higher the capacity, the heavier your machine. The lower the capacity, the lighter it will be.

4. Safety Features

These features are especially important for households with kids.

Since a kid could use your vacuum into a toy, you need to ensure it comes with a lock for its wheels and brush rolls. This helps reduce the possibility of accidents within the house.

You could choose one with a safety lock to completely cut off the power supply.

The power cord should also be retractable or have defined storage to prevent children from tripping on them.

5. Weight And Size

Wet vacuum cleaners are found in a wide array of models, designs and sizes depending on your cleaning needs.

Handheld wet vacuums are the smallest and lightest while drum vacuums are the largest.

If you need a wet vacuum for cleaning smaller areas such as upholstery and drapery, the smaller and lighter vacuums will do just fine. They are easily maneuverable and can be used with great ease to clean areas above the floor.

If you need one for your floors, canister and upright vacuums will work best.

For heavy duty jobs such as cleaning the garage, larger and heavier ones like the drum vacuum hit the spot as they have a larger capacity and are more powerful.

You just need to understand how portable you need your vacuum cleaner to be and buy accordingly.

6. Bagged Or Bagless?

This choice depends entirely upon your needs.

Bagged models have a larger capacity.

Some people prefer bagless models as they do not require replacement and the canisters are easy to empty and clean.

Bagged cleaners are most recommended for people with allergies as they do not expose them to dust and allergens during emptying.

Bagless ones are cost effective as you won’t have to buy replacement bags.

7. Attachments And Accessories

A good wet vacuum cleaner should be able to deal with most (if not all) of your cleaning needs.

Having a hybrid vacuum that can easily convert from one model to another is handy. Some of these can be converted from an upright vacuum to a stick and finally to the most compact handheld vacuum for your various cleaning requirements.

Attachments and additional accessories are also very important as they help you achieve the best clean for whatever kind of surface you need cleaned. Crevice tools, upholstery brushes, brush rolls, soft brushes and detergent dispensers are just some of those available.

8. Corded Or Cordless?

Whether to choose a corded or cordless vacuum is also personal preference.

Corded vacuums usually tether the user to a power outlet but allow you to clean larger areas without stopping for a recharge.

Cordless vacuums offer you great portability and convenience when it comes to movement. Unfortunately, even the best ones will require recharging every 30 minutes.

Corded vacuums are best suited for cleaning larger areas and performing heavier tasks while cordless ones are great for smaller areas and lighter tasks.

9. Power Consumption

Check the power rating of the vacuum cleaner to ensure that you do not run bankrupt paying for your electricity bills.

Most vacuum cleaners run on approximately 2000 watts which isn’t too high for a vacuum cleaner.

There are also some available with lower power consumption but very powerful motors and suction. These are the ones to look out for: win-win.

10. Maneuverability And Ergonomics

Ergonomics ensure that your wet vacuum cleaner is not only functional, but also good looking and easy to use. Search for a vacuum cleaner with soft wheels for better maneuverability. Compact designs also ensure ease of portability and storage. Swiveled handles lead to ease of control.

A good vacuum must also be comfortable to use. For instance, a handheld wet vacuum should be compact and light enough for easy lifting when cleaning above the floors. The materials used to make the vacuum cleaner should also be durable and able to withstand detergents, water and the amount of cleaning it is supposed to perform.

When looking for a wet vacuum cleaner, you also need to consider its pricing with regards to your budget. If your budget is low, you should never be discouraged as there many wet vacuums that are really affordable yet compete favorably with the most expensive brands in the market.

You also need to check if it has a warranty and if it completely meshes with your cleaning needs.

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