How to Clean a Shower with a Drill Brush

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Picture of a clean bathroom with walk in shower that has glass doors

Anybody who has ever deep cleaned their bathroom knows it takes a lot of exhausting physical labour. Tiles and grout can take on a considerable amount of calcifying grossness that requires considerable elbow grease to remove.

Each square inch of stain can be hard to scrub away manually, even with harsh chemical agents or bleach. They might advertise that all you need to do is give it a spray, then wipe it away. But it’s seldom that simple.

A new tool called a Drill Brush empowers people to get stubborn stains sparkling once again without having to break a sweat. Let’s check out some of the ways a drill brush can keep your shower free of grout and effortlessly freshen up areas of the bathroom you thought would never be spick and span again.

Shower Head

Many people Google how to clean shower head because the source from where water emerges produces significant moisture, and this needs to be clean. Have you ever noticed the colouration marks on your showerhead? Sometimes, manganese can oxidize, leaving black spots behind it.

Limescale and scum build up over time, leaving deposits that don’t exactly exude cleanliness. To get at it, use the smaller drill brush and let the nylon bristles work their magic. Face the bristles directly towards the showerhead, then tilt them to the side. That way, they’ll scrub away the limescale more effectively by really getting in there with different aspects of the bristle. The tiny drill brush gets in tight places, like the crevices of the showerhead.

How to Clean Shower Glass

The glass in your shower keeps water out, so your bathroom stays dry. However, this takes a toll. After a time, the glass is liable to get a little bit gross!

Use the wider four-inch drill brush, which is more adept at quickly cleaning larger surfaces. You can use a typical bathroom spray, but harness the power of the drill instead of busting a sweat having to scrub every inch by hand.

Those wondering how to clean shower glass so that the washroom looks and feels clean don’t need to worry. The solution is simple so long as you bring volts of energy to the cleaning job with a power drill. You can transform your bathroom into a home spa without, so long as you have the right tools.

From how to clean glass shower doors to the rest of the surrounding area, you’ll feel cleaner when cleaning yourself every morning when you unlock the power of the power drill. 

Rout the Dirt in Grout

Tiles need to be kept clean, but so do the spaces in between them. Grout can be the host of gross scum if you’re not careful! Removing it used to take a lot of effort before drill brushes were around.

It turns out that how to clean shower grout is an easily-solved question: use a medium-bristle drill brush strong enough to wipe the scum away without damaging your tiles or the grout between. The bristles on a drill brush are both strong and sensitive, so they can forcibly remove the grime you don’t want while remaining gentle on whatever kind of tiles you have.

Picture of a clean bathroom with walk in shower that has clear glass

Even the worst type of bathroom grout that you never thought would go away will vamoose when you apply a power drill to it. It may not be a bad idea to use a pair of gloves because the bathroom scum on the grout doesn’t always leave quietly — it may spray up, depending on how hard you pull the trigger.

Once you get accustomed to how effectively the bristles work with different rates of pressure on the drill, you’ll enjoy using the top drill brush! It becomes like a game, one where you can watch grime you begrudgingly accepted would be there forever spray away.

When you watch the scum fly away, you’ll be oddly satisfied in a way that people sometimes get when watching online videos of doctors removing big splinters or things like that. Except, this odd satisfaction is heightened by the practical satisfaction of knowing that it’s your home that is getting cleaner.

Whether you’re cleaning the grime in your shower or the grout on your floor or the walls, you can’t help but feel better when the whole world around you is cleaner.

Power Scrub the Tub

What kind of shower do you have? The stand-up shower is elegant and modern, while the shower in the tub is an old classic. We’ve already covered how to clean up the glass in the shower, but the tub around your shower can be cleaned just as easily with a drill brush.

Just give the tub a schpritz of standard tub cleaner and get drilling! You won’t believe how quickly it works and how effortless the process really is. Now a job that used to take hours takes minutes, and you’ll get better results.

If you use a bathmat, you may see brown streaks or discolouration underneath. Those clear bathmats are great at preventing you from slipping amid all that water during a shower but try to pull it up when the shower is over and leave it to drain in the tub, rather than remain clinging to the bottom.

Even if you use those clear no-slip novelty feet in the tub rather than a proper bath mat, water can still get trapped below them. Anywhere around water needs space and air to breathe. The drill brush can clean whatever gunk is created by stagnant water remaining in place for a while, but it’s simpler to prevent the limescale and such from arising in the first place.

The Shower and Other Bathroom Features

If you’re going to clean the shower to make your washroom feel cleaner overall, you can’t just leave the sink and other features unattended. Get the gunk off everywhere with a drill brush by using a suitably sized brush.

The flat, round ones are meant to efficiently scrub large spaces that are easy to access, like the walls of your shower or the glass door. For narrower, tighter spaces, you’ll need the rounded ovular brush that can fit more easily into nooks and crannies. The small brush that works great with the shower can fit in those hard-to-reach spaces in your sink, like where the faucet meets the basin. Every shower you take will feel cleaner when you turn the water off, and the rest of the room is just as scum-free.

Having hot tap water on command is something easy to take for granted. It wasn’t always available in people’s homes, and many places today with running water don’t have an abundant supply of hot water at the ready. Water can also create grime and weird colour marks in your shower, so use modern tools like a drill brush to keep your washroom clean without wasting so much time scrubbing on your hands and knees.

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