Spring Vacuuming Tips: How to Keep Your Home Clean During Spring

Updated on July 24, 2020 by Joseph D. Nielson

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The cold of winter can inhibit your ability to deep clean your spaces.

When spring comes, it is commonplace for people to get into a cleaning frenzy.

It can be a stressful time for home owners struggling to get rid of all the dirt that has accumulated around the home over winter.

Rather than having to seek the help of a professional cleaner, there are quite a few simple spring vacuuming tips that will turn your experience from stressful to enjoyable.

Make A Solid Plan

Before you decide to vacuum your house, it is important to set up a schedule.

Spring cleaning can be a tough experience but, with the correct plan in place, you can tackle it with great ease. Decide exactly when to start vacuuming. The morning is usually best.

Buy all the cleaning supplies and all the equipment you will require. You can even decide on where exactly you will start cleaning from.

You can ask for help from friends in advance so that when the day comes, you are totally ready to do the job.

Declutter The House

On the day of vacuuming, start by decluttering your home. Most of the time, it is clutter that makes your house look too, eating away your motivation to clean it up.

Get rid of all clutter from your countertops, cabinets, floors and under furniture. This is actually the first step of cleaning as it helps expose even hidden dirt to make vacuuming easier.

It also prevents larger debris from blocking your vacuum once you start cleaning.

Start By Vacuuming The Higher Areas

It is advisable to start vacuuming the house from above, moving downwards.

Begin by vacuuming the ceiling fixtures including the ceiling lights, fans and vents as well as the ceiling itself. Don’t forget the crevices.

Finding a vacuum cleaner with a long hose and a variety of attachment tools is a smart move. Stick vacuums, handheld vacuums and some canister vacuums are ideal.

The best attachment tools for this procedure are the dusting brush and the crevice tool.

Vacuum Your Furniture, Upholstery And Drapery Thoroughly

Most of these are usually made up of fabrics and knowing how much dirt they can hold, it’s best to clean them in the washing machine.

For those that cannot be washed, make use of your wet vacuum to deep clean them. This gets rid of all the dirt and dust that has accumulated over the winter.

Do not forget to vacuum under the cushions, pillows, mattresses and beneath the furniture as these are the areas known to collect most dirt.

For drapery, you can use the dusting brush while for upholstery you can use the upholstery tool for best results.

Deep Clean Your Carpets, Area Rugs And Door Mats

During winter, it is almost impossible to thoroughly clean your carpets, area rugs and door mats. Take the opportunity to do so when spring comes.

Use either your wet or deep cleaning vacuum. Be sure to vacuum both sides to prevent any dirt particles from escaping the vacuum cleaner.

Consider shaking them out before vacuuming as this helps loosen most of the deep seated dirt.

It is advisable to dry them in the sun to help refresh them and kill any bacteria naturally.

Vacuum The Floors

After doing all the above, there is a very high probability that the floors will have accumulated a large amount of dirt, especially the dirt dropping from the higher areas.

Grab your high suction vacuum with a great filtration system and start cleaning.

Be sure to move any furniture so you can get a chance to clean all parts of the floor.

Concentrate on the edges, crevices, stairs and other hard-to-reach areas making use of the extra attachments that come with the vacuum cleaner such as the crevice tool.

You also need to thoroughly clean all high traffic areas as they collect the most amount of dirt.

Spot clean any stains and spots immediately you spot them to prevent them from becoming permanent.

Don’t forget to vacuum under carpets, even if they seem very clean.

The floors should actually be the last part you vacuum.

Prevent Dirt From Entering Your Home

The next step is preventing dirt from getting into your house again.

Place door mats at all major entrances including your main door. This makes it possible for anyone entering your house to wipe their feet at the door before coming into the house leaving all the dirt outside.

Limit Your Pets To Particular Areas Of The House

Pets, especially those that shed a lot of hair, get the house very dirty.

They specifically love cozy areas such as the couch, bed and carpet and these are the places that easily hold on to dirt.

Training your pet to stay in their designated areas will help prevent their hairs from getting on your bed, couch and carpets.

Clean around the house

As mentioned above, winter can be a challenging time to keep your home clean, especially the outside space.

You can wash the sidings, patio and decking using a spray washer or an outdoor deep cleaning vacuum. This gets rid of any mildew.

You can also use an outdoor vacuum cleaner to get rid of dirt and dust particles or a blower for the leaves and larger dirt particles.

Keep Windows Open

When vacuuming and cleaning, there is a lot of dust and probably chemical supplies involved. Keeping windows open will boost the supply of air into and out of the house keeping the air you breathe fresh and healthy.

It also neutralizes the harsh odors and fumes from the cleaning supplies.

Having a vacuum cleaner with great purification provisions such as a HEPA filter and anti-odor capabilities improves the situation further.


The above tips are great for ensuring that your spring vacuuming and cleaning is easier and faster.

They also help save your money as you won’t have to hire a professional cleaner to the job for you.

Give them a try!

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