How to Choose the Best Vacuum Cleaner for Allergies And Asthma

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Many people wonder which vacuum cleaners are best for asthmatic people and allergy sufferers.

We’ll help you look into that today so that you can safely buy the best option to protect your friends and family.

Studies reveal that regular vacuuming and dusting significantly reduces harmful allergens, mites and dust that pollute lungs and homes.

The best vacuums for allergies and asthma feature a number of technologies including sealed systems that use special HEPA filters. Such systems help prevent air leaks and these HEPA filters also control vacuum emissions.

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Things To Consider When Choosing a Vacuum Cleaner For Allergies and Asthma

Asthmatic people shouldn’t buy just any old vacuum cleaner they come across on the market.

You should consider conducting some market research to find out the best vacuum cleaner that can perform perfectly while also helping to combat the underlying condition.

Most vacuums available on the market today simply aren’t designed to be used by people with asthma and allergies. When choosing the best vacuum cleaner for these purposes, it is important to consider two things:


How strong is the vacuum cleaner’s ability to retain allergens and dust? Vacuum cleaners are designed in such a way that they can easily separate particles from air. This is usually achieved by using filters. Some machines use centrifugal force in order to remove particles. Other vacuum cleaners use water for dirt collection. Pay close attention to emissions and buy accordingly.


Some vacuum cleaners are advertised as having HEPA filters. These HEPA filters are highly efficient at retaining particulate air. They can capture high proportions of approximately 0.3 micrometers of airborne particles. This means that roughly 99.5% of airborne particles are retained. Some advanced vacuum cleaners may retain even more particles.

Bagged or Bagless?

When it comes to bagged or bagless vacuums, choose what works best for you. It’s essential to consider personal circumstances and ease of use. An important factor to ponder is how the dust collector empties. Some bags tend to be self-sealing which minimizes the prospect of its contents being exposed.


The power of the vacuum cleaner’s motor varies in importance depending on the area that needs to be vacuumed. If you live in a small apartment, most vacuum cleaners will be suitable. On the other hand, if you have a larger space, you should target bigger vacuum cleaners to take care of your cleaning needs.


A good vacuum cleaner is the biggest asset an individual suffering from asthma or allergy should have. It can come in handy in many other respects apart from sucking the dirt from carpets. They are also  great for cleaning drapery, upholstery, mattresses and blinds.

Attachments ensure that these jobs are performed with absolute ease. For example, mini-blind attachments allow you to remove debris from blinds that can be hard to clean. Ceiling fan attachments ensure that fan blades are easily reached.

Upright or Canister?

This depends on personal preference for a pull or push vacuum cleaner. With upright vacuums, they can be difficult to use. It’s important to choose uprights that are agile to move around. Canisters are much lighter than uprights simply because their fan, bag, filters and motor are set behind. However, such vacuum cleaners can be caught up on objects.

What Needs To Be Vacuumed?

This should be decided by the surfaces around your home. Do you have many stairs? Are there wall-to-wall carpets, smooth or hard surfaces? Do you have tiles or vinyl? Such considerations will ensure that you choose the perfect vacuum cleaner for the intended function.

Recommended Vacuum Cleaner For Those With Asthma and Allergies

Dyson V6 Absolute Cord-free Vacuum

Dyson V6 Absolute Cord-free Vacuum Review

This vacuum cleaner is equipped with two functional cleaner heads that are Dyson-engineered. They were invented to be used on hard floors. They are equipped with soft roller cleaner heads to remove fine dust and debris simultaneously. They also have direct-drive cleaner heads that have the ability to provide 75% more power compared than the Dyson V6 vacuum. Its HEPA filtration is able to capture allergens and can expel clean air.

Key Features

  • Direct-drive Cleaner Heads

These drive bristles far deeper inside the carpet so that more dirt is removed. The direct-drive cleaner heads have 75% more bar brush power than that of the previous Dyson V6

  • Hassle-free, Cord-free

There is no cord which can unravel or drag around and restrict your reach. Clean quickly and easily without getting tangled up

  • Powerful and Fade-free Suction

The trigger of this vacuum cleaner releases instantly. This means that the battery power available is reserved for cleaning purposes. The battery can sustain a nonstop run time of approximately 20 minutes

  • Floor and Ceiling Cleaning

Its center of gravity has been located toward the grip to allow simple cleaning in all directions

  • Handheld Mode

The wand can quickly detach to permit handheld cleaning. In addition, Dyson tools easily and directly fit the machine

  • HEPA Filtration

This vacuum cleaner is certified allergy and asthma friendly. It makes use of two-tier radical clones, sealed systems and post-motor filters. This makes sure that air leaving the machine is much cleaner than the air breathed in

  • Soft Roller Cleaner Heads

The roller cleaner heads are soft and creatively designed for hard floors. They are able to remove fine dust and large debris simultaneously


The machine has direct-drive cleaner heads. These can drive bristles far deeper inside carpets than most other vacuum cleaners. More dirt is removed with less effort.

This vacuum cleaner is designed to work effectively on hard floors.

All dirt is removed without a hitch.


One key disadvantage to this vacuum cleaner is the fact that its battery isn’t removable. In addition, the

In addition, the run-time of the battery isn’t that long.


This product is the perfect companion for people with limited cleaning areas and reduced storage space. In addition, if you are looking to clean stairs, corners or cars, this vacuum cleaner is ideal.

Neato Botvac D80 Robot Vacuum for Pets and Allergies

Neato Botvac D80 Robot Vacuum for Pets and Allergies Review

This product has been defined as a high performance, smart, powerful robot vacuum.

It is the best choice if your home has pets. It vacuums dirt, dust or pet hairs from the floor and all corners of your home. It is D-shaped with a corner-clever technology to deal with hard-to-reach places.

It has an extra-large bag and a jumbo performance filter that captures smaller particles such as pet dander or mold.

Key Features

  • Big Bagless Dirt Bin

This product has a huge bagless dirt bin. This is easy to empty. You just need to lift the dirt bin from the robot top and dump the contents into the trash. Enjoy less hassle and less mess

  • The SpinFlow System

This system is able to pick up almost everything that lands on the floor. It combines precision brushes and powerful vacuum suctions to leave your floors sparkling. It effortlessly picks up crumbs, dirt, pet hair and dust bunnies. Its D-shaped design together with CornerClever technology means no dirt escapes

  • Ability To Return To Charging Base When Needed

When this product gets low on power, it travels back to the charging unit automatically. Once it is juiced up, it goes back to where it had stopped and finishes its work

  • Maneuvers Around Obstacles and Furniture

This machine can sense objects such as toys and furniture in its path. It then navigates carefully around these obstacles. It can also detect and avoid stairs unlike most other robot vacuums that need wall-mounted sensors for blocking purposes

  • Ability To Clean Where Other Vacuum Cleaners Cannot

It gets under furniture and hugs walls where most dust bunnies hide. It has a larger brush than that on round robots. The D-shaped design allows it to clean within 15 millimeters of the wall. Its low profile enables it to clean areas where dust is likely to collect such as under beds


  • This machine cleans by itself. You just need to automatically schedule the cleaning or start the machine manually and let it do its job. It vacuums multiple rooms automatically and effortlessly transitions from one room to another as well as between floor surfaces
  • Its navigation technology and the patented LaserSmart mapping sets it on a methodical cleaning course rather than bumping around. It can sense objects, scan rooms and figure out the most efficient path


  • The only drawback with this machine is that it has a small LCD screen which is hard to read. The buttons near the screen aren’t real buttons but just sensors. This may bring about usage difficulties


This is a superb robot vacuum cleaner that is way ahead of most competitors.

It comes with an excellent battery life of up to 90 minutes. It’s solidly built and very quiet compared to other robot models.

Great vacuum cleaners should be able to retain high amounts of particulate matter. It’s also important to consider the ease of replacing or washing their filters. Also, regular filters cleaning and replacement is crucial.


These two cleaners pick up allergens and dirt with ease.

With outstanding build quality and design, these two products are certainly among the best vacuum cleaners for allergies and asthma.

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