A Broken Vacuum Cleaner And What To Do With It

Updated on April 6, 2020 by Joseph D. Nielson

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Vacuum cleaners help us a great deal in keeping our houses clean and hygienic.

Given that most of the jobs they do are heavy, vacuum cleaners develop faults now and then which may require care, repair or even replacement.

Most homeowners do not understand this and they immediately throw their vacuum away if it breaks down.

Here we will explore the best options for what to do with a broken vacuum cleaner instead of just ditching it.

How To Assemble Vacuum Cleaners

1. Does It Have A Valid Warranty?

Most vacuum cleaner companies offer you a warranty ranging from 1 to 2 years.

The terms and conditions of the warranty vary from one seller or company to another. If your vacuum cleaner breaks down while still covered, call the company and discuss what they can do.

You shouldn’t try to repair it on your own or unscrew parts as this may actually affect the validity of your warranty.

2. If Still New, Ship It Back

If you ordered your vacuum cleaner and received it broken, then you should contact the sellers and have it shipped back for replacement.

Do not keep it for long and do not try to have it repaired as you have a right to a brand-new, functional vacuum.

Most sellers allow for free returns and may either replace your vacuum or refund your money as appropriate.

3. Clean It And Dislodge Clogs

Most vacuum cleaner breakdowns are caused by blockages and clogging.

Before deciding to dispose of your vacuum, inspect it for clogs and blockages.

Take a look at the filters to ensure they are clean.

For washable filters, you can wash them with water and mild detergent.

If they are nonwashable, just tap them lightly to get rid of the dirt.

The hoses should also be checked for clogs.

4. Repair Broken Parts

Sometimes, only a single part of the vacuum may have stopped functioning.

You can inspect all parts of your vacuum cleaner and test them to help figure out the exact ones that need to be repaired. If you do not fully understand the working of your vacuum, you could seek the services of a professional vacuum cleaner dealer at really affordable prices.

If you do not fully understand the working of your vacuum, seek out the services of a professional vacuum cleaner dealer.

5. Recycle/Re-use The Working Parts

If you are in no mood to replace or repair your vacuum cleaner, you could enact the recycle/reuse idea.

Simply take its working parts and use them elsewhere.

Some of these include the attachments or nozzles that might fit into your other vacuum cleaner.

The filters, dirt cup, power cord, hose and motor can also be used in various ways. you just need to be creative.

Be creative!

6. Dispose Of It In An Eco-friendly Manner

Vacuum cleaners are considered electronic waste.

In fact, in some countries, not following e-waste disposal regulation is punishable and you may end up in jail or with a huge fine.

Disposing of your broken vacuum cleaner in an eco-friendly manner will help save the environment from the hazardous effects of electronic waste.

There are many e-waste centers where you can take the vacuum cleaner. Here, they disassemble the vacuum cleaner and choose the parts to recycle and those to dispose of safely.

7. Sell It

If you find it hard just dumping your once-treasured vacuum cleaner, you could actually make some money from it.

There are a number of sites and companies that are experts in refurbishing vacuum cleaners. You can search for them on eBay and elsewhere. Just make sure to tell them exactly how your vacuum stopped functioning. This will help them in determining if they really want it.

Be honest.

8. Replace Broken Components

Most people are afraid of repairing the broken parts of their vacuums because they think they will not last as long.

A better alternative to this is replacing them with newer parts. This will not only help restore the vacuum cleaner’s functioning but also ensure durability and a longer lifetime.

9. Tighten Loose Parts

A vacuum cleaner only works well when its air paths are airtight.

This can only be achieved when all parts fit perfectly.

Sometimes, loosely fitting parts can cause breakages.

When your vacuum cleaner stops working, you need to check that all parts are tightly and correctly placed. This could actually be the reason why it has stopped working. It will also help prevent leakages and dirt escaping back into the atmosphere.

10. Replace Bearings And Lubricate Moving Parts

The moving and rotating parts of a vacuum cleaner need to do so smoothly.

If they start getting stuck, lubrication or changing the bearings should be considered. This may restore your vacuum to its original functionality.

Using a broken vacuum cleaner is never advisable as it will simply cause more harm than good. You may destroy your floors or whatever surface you are cleaning and the vacuum cleaner could actually become a hazard to anyone around the house.

Think about the above tips for a broken vacuum cleaner and sidestep most issues with ease.

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