Common Errors With Vacuum Cleaners And How To Fix Them

Updated on April 6, 2020 by Joseph D. Nielson

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Everyone who uses a vacuum cleaner frequently will have experienced things going wrong.

This is normal and happens to everyone.

Many people panic when they experience such breakdowns fearing that they will lose their beloved vacuum or need to spend out to fix them.

Don’t panic. Here we tackle the 10 common errors with vacuum cleaners and how to fix them.

How To Fix A Vacuum Cleaner

1) Reduced Suction

For a vacuum to perform optimally, suction power should remain constant.

The most common causes of reduced suction include obstruction of the air paths, loose connections, full dirt containers and dirty filters.

If your vacuum cleaner starts losing suction, don’t panic…

Just empty the dirt bag or dirt container, check the hoses and air paths for clogs then clean or replace the filters if necessary.

Tighten any loose parts and check for damage to the hoses. This might be causing air to escape and is an easy fix.

2) Overheating

Most vacuum cleaner users complain that their vacuum cleaners get hot and smell as if they are burning after extended usage.

This is usually caused by poor air circulation due to either a faulty motor or vent.

Take your time to identify exactly what is obstructing air flow including the filters and the air paths. These can be bought separately and easily replaced before your machine overheats and gets spoiled.

3) Noisy Operation And Increased Vibration Levels

A vacuum cleaner will produce a small amount of noise during its operation.

This noise and vibration should not rise as time goes by so, if you notice this, it indicates an issue.

The most common cause of this kind of problem is a defective bearing in the motor.

This prevents the motor from rotating smoothly and will definitely reduce suction and make it noisy.

You should lubricate these bearings. If the noise doesn’t subside, consider replacing them.

Defective bearings in the brush roll could also increase noise levels.

4) Brush Rolls Not Spinning

This is common with upright and canister vacuums that possess a rotating brush roll.

A rotating brush roll is meant to dig deep into the fibers of the surface you are cleaning and lift out the deep seated dirt.

They work brilliantly for getting rid of pet hairs but they also tend to get tangled, especially where longer and denser fur and hair is involved.

By using scissors to cut through these hairs and fur, you can easily detangle the brushes thus ensuring they keep rotating better. Lubricating the brush roll’s bearings is also a great way to ensure better spinning of the

Lubricating the brush roll’s bearings is also a great way to ensure better spinning of the brush roll.

5) Vacuum Cleaner Leaving Dirt On The Floors

Accumulation of dirt on the base plate, brushes or nozzle is very common for most upright vacuum cleaners.

This is mainly due to forgetting to clean the base of the vacuum cleaner. When dirt accumulates on the base plate or the vacuum cleaner nozzle, any time air passes through it some of this dirt will find its way back on the floors.

An overflowing dirtbag or container could also release dirt through these, especially if the suction power is too low and the vacuum lacks a proper filtration system.

6) Reduced Maneuverability And Portability

Apart from the normal maneuverability and portability troubles you experience as a result of the vacuum cleaner’s weight and size, you run into trouble moving it across the room.

This could be due to the accumulation of dirt on the base plate, tangled brush rolls and loosely fitting drive belt.

In the first two instances, you need to get rid of the dirt and also detangle any hairs and fur from the brushes.

Loose drive belts should either be tightened or replaced to ensure rotation of the brush rolls and the wheels is smooth.

Lubrication of the bearings and other moving parts can also help with maneuverability and portability across the room, whether over carpeted or hard floors.

7) The Motor Seems Dead

Sometimes when vacuuming, the motor suddenly stops.

No matter how many times you try turning it on and off, it does not start at all.

The cord may have a problem. If so, it needs to be repaired or replaced.

The main fuse or thermal fuse may have blown up. You need to check these two before concluding that your motor is dead.

8) Faulty Blower Wheel

The blower wheel of a vacuum cleaner is responsible for directing air to the surface.

It is essential for great suction. Any faults lead to suction power and the quality of cleaning being diminished.

Accumulation of dirt on the blower wheel may obstruct its rotation so it should be cleaned regularly. If the blower wheel is faulty, it needs to be repaired or replaced.

9) Cracked Parts

Cracks and breakages on a vacuum cleaner might seem harmless at first sight. Unfortunately, these have a big toll on the suction power and the effectiveness of the vacuum.

When parts within or bordering the airways have cracks, your vacuum cleaner will no longer be airtight and this reduces its suction by a great deal.

Cracked and broken parts should always be replaced to maintain perfect performance.

10) Chipped Power Cords

Power cords are crucial for ensuring constant electricity flow into the vacuum cleaner and messing with these will definitely cut out power from getting into your vacuum.

Chipped or cut power cords are not only hazardous to the vacuum but also the user.

Most people continue using chipped power cords even after their wires start being exposed. This may actually cause shorting, electrocution, sparks or even fires. They can also permanently destroy your vacuum. Power cords are really affordable and should be replaced before any harm is done.

One very important thing that should be noted is the fact that proper maintenance of the vacuum cleaner will not only ensure it lasts longer than expected but also keeps it in perfect condition for optimal performance.

You should also ensure that you only perform repairs that you truly understand. For complex issues, there are countless electricians and vacuum cleaner repair experts to help you at an affordable cost.

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