The Most Useful Summer Vacuuming Tips For Your Home

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vacuuming tipsThe sun is the most wonderful thing that comes with summer. It’s also the season when your house is most susceptible to dirt, especially if you are fond of hosting friends.

Summer is the season when you expect visitors at any time yet your home needs to remain spick and span. Funnily enough, with all the joy that comes with this season, vacuuming still remains a daunting task for each and every home owner.

How do you vacuum your home during summer considering that most people are at home during this period? Do you find it challenging?

Fortunately, with the following useful summer vacuuming tips for your home, you can get the most out of your cleaning routine and still enjoy the sunny days.

Set A Schedule

Set a specific date and time for vacuuming your house.

It is recommended to choose a time when you are strong and motivated. For most people, morning is usually best.

Purchase all the cleaning supplies you need including detergents, sprays and disinfectants.

Get your vacuum cleaner, leaf blower, pressure washer, scrubbing brushes, wipes and containers together.

Not only does this make access to everything you need easier, it also makes the whole vacuuming and cleaning process quicker and fuss-free.

Ask For Assistance

Summer is the season when everyone is at home and you can easily get help from others.

Vacuuming and cleaning the house is not rocket science and even young kids can offer a helping hand. You can ask the younger ones to work on simple cleaning chores such as dusting furniture and drapery and you can offer them a reward such as their favorite meal at the end.

You can also ask your friends to assist you especially if you own a very big house. It’s even better if they can bring along their vacuum cleaners to help you with the more complex chores!

Vacuum The Ceiling And Its Fixtures

Start by vacuuming the ceiling and its fixtures as they are the highest sections of your home.

Find a vacuum cleaner with a long hose for easier access to these high areas.

Use a dusting brush to get rid of any dirt and dust that may have accumulated on the ceiling lights, chandeliers and fans.

Do not forget to vacuum the crevices and edges where the ceiling meets the wall. These are some of the areas of the ceiling that collect a lot of dirt over time.

Dust All The Vents

Summer is the dustiest time of year and the air vents definitely suffer the most.

Air vents collect a lot of dust during this period as they are responsible for filtration of the air that gets in and out of the house, air conditioners and air purifiers.

Vents can be vacuumed using the dusting brush since its bristles easily side into the tiny holes and get rid of the dirt and dust that may be stuck.

Make sure you use a vacuum cleaner that has really great suction. This prevents the dirt from getting deeper into the appliances.

Clean The Windows

Windows often act as a boundary between the outdoors and indoors.

During summer, windows should always be kept open to ensure better air circulation. In the process, the window sills and blinds will collect dirt and dust particles.

When vacuuming your house during summer, it is essential to keep the windows clean. Vacuum the window sills and blinds using a dusting brush. Use a crevice tool for any tighter areas. For the window glass, use some mild window cleaning spray and wipe down with lint-free wipes for a clearer appearance.

Vacuum Furniture Thoroughly

Summer is the season to get social. With more people visiting, your furniture is bound to accumulate more dirt.

This calls for a greater concentration on your furniture when vacuuming your house.

For upholstered furniture, make use of the upholstery tool to get rid of any dirt.

With all other furniture, you can either dust using a wet cloth or vacuum with the dusting brush.

Remember to vacuum between and under the couch cushions. This also applies to mattresses and pillows.

You also need to remember to vacuum or wash all the drapery including curtains.

Deep Clean Carpets

Given the increase in traffic to your house during summer, rugs, door mats and carpets will obviously collect the most amount of dirt.

For those that can be carried, just bring them out and shake them. This helps loosen dirt particles for easier and more effective vacuuming.

Vacuuming should also be focused on both sides of the carpets, rugs and door mats. Vacuum cleaners with a rotating brush roll or beater bar are best for cleaning these.

Scrub The Floors

Floors are the most susceptible areas for dirt, dust, bacteria and allergens. This is even worse during summer as there will be more people around.

So, how do you deal with this?

You will definitely need to deep clean them. You should consider scrubbing, washing and thoroughly drying them.

If you have a deep cleaning vacuum, it will perform all these tasks in the shortest time possible and most effective manner.

Concentrate on the corners, edges, crevices and other tight, high traffic areas or hard-to-reach spots.

Wash The Decking And Patio

With the sun in the sky, who on earth would want to spend their life indoors?

It’s difficult to enjoy your day outside if your environment is dirty. You should thoroughly clean your decking and patio as you will be spending plenty of time here.

Also wash the sidings and driveway for aesthetics.

For your lawn, use your leaf blower to get rid of the leaves along with all other kinds of dirt.

Seal Your Flooring

Summer is the best time to start preparing for winter.

Ensure that your floors and ceiling are ready to handle harsh weather conditions such as increased moisture levels.

You need to seal your wooden deckng, bathroom tiles, hardwood flooring and laminate floor tiles. Make them stronger and more durable.


In addition to the above tips, vacuuming should be performed more frequently during summer as there is more dirt and dust getting into the house.

Since the weather is perfect for outdoor activities, you should consider doing all your outside repairs during this season.

Following the procedures and tips outlined above will help guarantee that your vacuuming is more effective, efficient and reliable.

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