How To Get The Smell Out Of Vacuum Cleaners – 10 Effective Tips

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Smell Out Of Vacuum Cleaners

Vacuum cleaners are superb but in time you will experience odors coming from them.

This is the result of the dirt deposits that get stuck inside.

If you are wondering how to get the smell out of vacuum cleaners, here are 10 effective tips to help get rid of that bad smell…

Smell Out Of Vacuum Cleaners

1. Change The Vacuum’s Dirt Bag

A vacuum cleaner’s bag is usually changed only when it gets full so it doesn’t really matter how many days it holds the dirt.

At least, this is what so many home owners think. In fact, dirty bags are the most common cause of foul odors.

If your vacuum cleaner is bagged and you have been experiencing odors from the vacuum, you should consider replacing it. A small cash investment will accomplish the goal of eliminating the smell.

2. Remove The Dirt Canister, Wash and Dry it

If you own a bagless vacuum then the bad odor may be emanating from the dirt canister. In this case, you need to remove the canister and wash it using

You need to remove the canister and wash it using mild detergent which gives it a fresher smell. For the best results, ensure it is completely dry before replacing it. As we all know, wetness leads to unpleasant odors.

3.Look For Blockages

After removing the dirt bag or canister, if the vacuum still has that bad smell you need to check for possible blockages. It is likely that there is dirt clogging the intake valves.

It is probable that there is dirt clogging the intake valves.

Pet hairs are big culprits when it comes to this and they need to be removed. Clogged valves usually lead to blockage in the flow of dirt to the dirt containers and bags, hence leading to bad smell.

Clogged valves lead to blockage in the flow of dirt to the dirt containers and bags and lead to bad smells.

4. Use Mild Baking Soda Solution To Clean

Baking soda is known for its odor-absorbing qualities.

By washing or wiping clean your vacuum cleaner’s canister, filters, hoses and nozzles with a mild baking soda solution, you will keep them clean and also get rid of foul odors and bacteria.

Plastic or metal parts can be wiped clean with a clean cloth while the filters should be allowed to air dry. Reassembly of the vacuum should be done when all these are completely dry.

5. Insert An Orange Or Lemon Peel Into The Bag

Orange and lemon peels have a minty scent that keeps surroundings smelling fresh and cool.

If your vacuum cleaner produces a bad smell that does not go away, you should consider inserting an orange or lemon peel into its filter cavity. This way, the vacuum cleaner releases a delicious aroma all over your house. It is definitely the cheapest anti-odor solution for your home and is also eco-friendly.

6. Sprinkle Ground Cinnamon On The Floors And Vacuum

Cinnamon is another organic way to get rid of odors.

It is known to absorb odors and release fresh scents.

You can sprinkle the cinnamon directly on the floors before vacuuming.

Otherwise, sprinkle the cinnamon inside a clean dirt bag.

This ensures that both the vacuum and your home smell fresh even after vacuuming.

7. Change The Filters

When vacuum cleaner filters are used for too long, they collect dirt and may eventually start smelling bad.

Even if the filters are washable, they do need replacing eventually.

For filters that cannot be washed or cleaned, replacement needs to be conducted as frequently as possible.

8. Use Perfume Pads

People from all over the world experience the problem of smelly vacuums and perfume pads have been designed as a universal solution to this problem.

These come with various scents. Just pick your most preferred aroma and insert it over the top filter as instructed.

Every time the vacuum cleaner is turned on, it will release a gentle scent into the air.

9. Sprinkle Potpourri In The Dirt Bag

Potpourri is yet another natural way to get rid of undesirable smells.

This can be sprinkled directly on the floor before it is vacuumed or inside the vacuum’s clean dirt bag.

Just like cinnamon, potpourri gives both your vacuum cleaner and your house a fresh and cool blast.

10. Use Vanilla Extract

Also known for its anti-deodorant properties, vanilla extract can be sprinkled onto a paper towel and the paper towel vacuumed. This ensures that the vacuum inhales the vanilla extract leading to a fresher smell.

You could also try a vanilla extract spray on the floors or inside the vacuum cleaner’s bag and canister.

The above ways are among the easiest ways to get the smell out of vacuum cleaners.

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